Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas Little One

Dear Isadora,

This year was the first "real" Christmas you ever had.  Not that last Christmas wasn't "real," but this year, you were old enough to participate in the magic and wonder that is Christmas.  And just like every year we've been married, your Dad and I started things off right this year with our annual family Christmas card (and we're so happy that you are now a part of the inspiration that goes into each card):

This was also the first year that you got to help make Christmas sugar cookies with your best friend, Zora:

And what would Christmas be without homemade decorations to put upon the mantle?  Mommy was so happy to give you markers to color your own reindeer and elf.  (I will treasure them always.)

But I think the best part of Christmas day was seeing you come down the stairs all by yourself...

...and hearing your genuine surprise when you saw what Santa left for you under the tree...

This was our first Christmas as a family -- just the three of us -- and it was magical.

Merry Christmas, my darling.



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Girl on Our Hands

Dear Isadora,

The moments seem to go by so fast.  Here are some my favorites this month:

Daddy's beard inspector

Playing hobo

Playing dress up

Eating Gigi's cupcakes for the first time

Learning to blow on a dandelion

Sharing your father's obsession with ranch-flavored Doritos

Riding Daddy's shoulders at the park

Being silly upside down

Embracing Japanese cuisine

So many happy moments -- and all because of you.

I love you.


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