Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Growing Belly

Dear Pickles,

When I found out that I was pregnant, I had a the grand idea of taking shots of my growing belly each week.  Though the idea was good in theory, it turns out that I am really bad at remembering to do it.  Despite that fact, I'd thought I'd share with you the progress you've been making so far with the photos I do have.

7 Weeks7 Weeks
7 Weeks - You are the size of a blueberry.

8 Weeks
(Mommy forgot to take a picture, so daddy was my stand in.)
8 Weeks - You are the size of a kidney bean.

9 Weeks
9 Weeks - You are the size of a grape.

10 Weeks
10 Weeks - You are the size of a kumquat.

11 Weeks11 Weeks
11 Weeks - You are the size of a fig.

19 Weeks19 Weeks
19 Weeks - You are the size of a mango.

So why all the constant comparison to food?  Well, that's what all the books we've been reading have been telling us.  And it's been kind of neat seeing the foods in the grocery store and "seeing" how big you are.  It's still been hard for me to imagine that the sizing is accurate because my belly looks WAY bigger than the food for that particular week.

I know daddy is really excited to see you.  At night, he likes to stroke my belly and talk to you.  Sometimes he even flashes a flashlight on you, hoping to get a response.  (He's been waiting for you to move around in there.)  Because we haven't felt you move at all, we imagine you reclined on a Lazyboy watching television and rolling your eyes when you hear us on the outside.  When we imagine this, we both agree that you are your father's kid.  But we know you will move around on your own time, and, when you do, it will be such a special gift for your father and I to experience.

Continue to grow and be healthy, my little mango.  We love you lots.



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unexpected Midwife

Dear Pickles,

For the past couple of nights while daddy has been away, mommy has been hanging out with her good friends, Alf and Beth.  (When you come into the world, you'll know them as Uncle Alf and Auntie Beth.)  For both nights, we made plans to watch Red at the dollar theater, but fate would not have it be so.  On the first night, we ran out of time, and on the second night, the parking lot was beyond packed.

Instead, we have resorted to Plan B on both nights and watched a Red Box dvd rental.  Yesterday we watched Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps, and tonight we watched Cyrus.  While the three of us sat on the couch to watch the rented flicks, Alf and Beth's cat, Simone, chose to jump in my lap.  On both nights, she stood on my lap, facing me, and began massaging my stomach.  This made us giggle because we joked that Simone practiced midwifery on the side and was giving me prenatal shiatsu.  She even reached out her paw once and inappropriately touched my chest to which I responded, "She must be a lactation consultant, too."


Simone, the wonder cat

You're going to learn that we're a nutty bunch, Pickles.  Your life is going to filled with weird and entertaining observations from your mommy, your daddy, and our friends...  Hope you have a good sense of humor, my love.



Almost Forgot to Tell You!

Dear Pickles,

When mommy and daddy imagine what you'll be like when you grow up, we always imagine that you talk like Edward G. Robinson.  Here's a sample of who Edward G. Robinson is (he's Rico in this movie clip):

"Look ma, here's how it's gonna be, see...We're gonna have mac n' cheese for dinner see... Yeah, that's right.  Mac n' cheese."

It cracks us up every time... Just don't be a gangster when you grow up, okay?

Love you!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daddy's First Doctor's Visit and Remembering the Big DM

Dear Pickles,

I had another regular check up scheduled on Jan. 19th.  And guess who got to come?!  Your daddy!  He was so happy to be there.  He got to hear your heart beat.  It was measured at 152 bpm.  (Such a strong heart, you have!)  We thought we might be able to find out if you are a boy or a girl, but our doctor told us that that would happen at the next appointment on Feb. 2nd.  Instead, the doctor took mommy's blood to run some labs.

The day before the appointment, your grandfather passed away.  He had been battling bladder cancer for 5 months.  Although we were hopeful that he would be around when you would be born, it just didn't workout that way.  Daddy and I were so sad.  He was such a generous, loving man.  Daddy loved him very, very much.  Your daddy posted this about your grandpa on Facebook the day that he passed away:

The best man I have ever known died today.  I wish my baby had a chance to meet him, but I can't wait to tell my little pickles all about my Dad.  And I hope I can be half the dad he was.  I love you Dad and will do my best.

We'll Miss You, Larry Dale

Larry, the Jeep Master

Pickles, mommy and daddy will make sure that even though you didn't get to meet your grandpa, Larry Dale, you will know all about him.  There are so many stories to tell and pictures to share with you.  He was a great man, and he will be sorely missed.  Be proud that you are a part of the legacy that he is leaving behind - a family made strong by the bonds of love we have for one another.


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