Monday, December 26, 2011

Your First Christmas

Dear Isadora,

Everyone was excited for your first Christmas.  In fact, daddy's side of the family referred to it as "Izzymas."  During the week of Christmas, you had many firsts.  You got to meet your Uncle Grant and Aunt Megan for the first time.  Your uncle is in the Airforce and lives in Tucson, Arizona, so it's hard to see him and your aunt all the time.  Even though it doesn't show in these pictures, you really did like your uncle.  You got to meet your Aunt Megan on Christmas Eve morning and adored her, too.  (I'll have to remember to get a snapshot with your Aunt Megan next time...)

Meeting Uncle GrantMeeting Uncle Grant 2

You also got your first cold this week.  You had a pretty stuffy nose.  You hated when mommy had to suction out your boogies so that you could breathe.  I felt so bad.  I had to practically put you in a head lock to do it... But who could blame you for hating it so much?  Hopefully, your cold won't last long.

First Cold

For Christmas, we traveled down to Columbia, South Carolina, on Christmas Eve night.  We went to the 6:30 p.m. mass at St. John Neumann Church, the very church your daddy went to as a child.  Your daddy was so proud to show you off to everyone.  He even picked out your outfit just for the occasion - a reindeer suit.  You were so adorable in it.

Christmas Eve Outfit

For Christmas, we stayed at your Aunt Meredith and Uncle Kevin's house.  We got to share Christmas morning with your cousins Taylor, Emily, Jack, and Charlie, and with your Uncle Josh, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Meredith, and Grandma Joyce.  You were so excited to see everyone that morning and especially liked opening your own presents.

Christmas Morning

Happy Baby

It's Izzymas!

Opening Up a Present from Grandma

Opening Up a Present from Grandma 4

My First Christmas

Matching Michigan Hats!

That night, your Aunt Meredith prepared a lovely Christmas dinner of roasted beef, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and vegan lasagna.  Your cousins Jake, Thomas, and James came later that night as well as your Uncle Terry, Aunt Jeanine, and Aunt Kristie.  Oh, it was so much fun spending time with everyone!  We even opened Christmas crackers during dinner and got to wear paper crowns on our heads and tell corny jokes.

Christmas Cracker Crowns with Mommy

Daddy is King

I think you really enjoyed your first Christmas.  And guess what?  We get to do it all again when we see your Mimi and Pop pop later this week.  You lucky little girl.



Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adventures in Teething and Eating

Dear Isadora,

You've been teething like crazy lately.  You gnaw on anything you can get your hands on -- mommy's shoulder, daddy's finger, blankets, sleeves, your toes, and all of your toys.  If its within hands reach of your face, you will chew it.

Eating Sophie the GiraffeMmmmm



Nothing is safe!

And with all this teething comes drool.  Lots and lots of drool.  Sometimes you go through three to four bibs a day because of the drool.  But it hasn't been for naught.  You now have two bottom teeth to show for it!

Failed Tooth Shot #1Failed Tooth Shot #2Failed Tooth Shot #3

Mommy's failed attempt to get a picture of your two bottom teeth

You've been using your new teeth for eating more, too.  You love rice cereal, especially when it's mixed with baby food.  Your favorites are prunes and peaches, but you make gagging noises when I feed you green beans.  (Maybe you'll grow to love them later.)  You are indifferent to carrots and butternut squash.  And for some reason, you like to slurp bananas from a spoon.

Eating Carrots #1

Eating Carrots #2

This new phase in your development has been fun for mommy and daddy.  Mommy can't wait to get a picture of you eating spaghetti and getting sauce and noodles all over the place, but I'll probably want to wait until you have more teeth for that one.  Until then, bon appetite, babe.



Your New Cousin - Piper Quinn!

Dear Isadora,

On Dec. 15th at 1:07 p.m., your newest cousin, Piper Quinn, was born!  Mommy got to be in the delivery when she was born and be a part of a very special miracle.  Piper was already a week late from her due date, so Aunt Barbara's doctor decided to induce her.  When Aunt Barbara told me, I made arrangements to be there for the birth.  (Being mothers is a special bond that your Aunt Barbara and I have, and we have been there for each other when our children were born.)

On the day of the induction, mommy got up very early to drive to the hospital in Morehead City for Piper's birth.  The nurse at the hospital began giving your Aunt Barbara pitocin to induce labor.  A few hours later, she was ready to deliver!  Mommy watched as your Uncle Chucky, the nurses, and the doctor helped your Aunt Barbara bring Piper into the world.  Once she started pushing, Piper was born in record time -- delivered in three minutes without the assistance of any drugs.  (Mommy is still in awe of Aunt Barbara for delivering without drugs.)

Mommy & Piper

Beautiful Piper

It was one of the most amazing things I had ever witnessed.  Holding your little cousin almost made me want to have another baby right there and then... Almost.

Me and Piper

When I returned home that night, I started reminiscing about your own birth.  Holding you close to me, I couldn't believe how much you've changed and how big you are getting.  Time sure does go by so fast.  I'll try to hold on to every moment and memory that I can.

Love you to pieces,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Things, Shiny Things

Dear Isadora,

This month, you started eating rice cereal for the first time.  Mommy and daddy weren't sure when you'd be ready, but we noticed that, lately, you seem to be really interested in what mommy and daddy are eating.  Anytime we eat something, you stare at us intently, studying our food and our mouths.  On top of that, you  started cutting your first tooth!  (It's on the bottom, right in the front.)  Both of these things convinced us that it was time to start you on the path to eating.  Grandma was still here visiting and got to see you enjoy your first bites of rice cereal.  Each time I brought the spoon to your mouth, you held your hands up to grab the spoon closer to you.  Mommy couldn't scoop it into your mouth fast enough.  You still need a lot of practice, but for your first time, you didn't do too shabby.

Eating Rice CerealEating Rice CerealEating Rice Cereal

This week, we also discovered a new interest of yours... shiny wrapping paper.  Daddy opened up some birthday presents this week from grandma, and you went ballistic!  The sights and sounds of the wrapping paper made you just giddy.  Daddy described it best: you had madness in your eyes.  As daddy ripped through the wrapping paper, the sound of tearing paper sent you over the edge.  You started flailing your arms in excitement.  Noticing your excitement, daddy gave you some of the paper to play with.  You became even more animated -- kicking your legs and ripping the paper feverishly apart.  It was a sight to see.

Wrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper Crazy

Looks like mommy and daddy know what to tell Santa to get you for Christmas.... Shiny paper!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your First Thanksgiving

Dear Isadora,

For your first Thanksgiving, your grandma, Joyce Irene, came down to visit for the holiday.  She hasn't seen you since your first month of life.  (You've changed so much since then!)  We were so excited for her to see all the things you can do now.

Grandma and IsadoraJazzy Joyce and Izzy Bobizzy

Not only did grandma come to spend Thanksgiving with us, but your Aunt Jeanine, Uncle Terry, and Cousin Jake also came to feast with us on Thanksgiving Day.

Terry and JeanineJoyce and 

On Thanksgiving day, you didn't get to eat any food, but this was the meal that was prepared:

Our Thanksgiving Meal

As you can see, it was quite delicious.  Even though you aren't eating solid foods yet, you are starting to teethe like crazy.    Aunt Jeanine even offered you up a turkey leg as a teething ring...

TeethingGnawing on a Turkey Leg

Mommy and daddy have been hosting Thanksgiving ever since we got married.  It is one of our favorite holidays.  When you get older, I hope it becomes one of your favorite holidays, too.

We are so thankful to have you in our lives, Isadora.  You are more than we had ever hoped for.

Daddy and IzzyOur Family Totem Pole



Monday, November 21, 2011

Your First Picture with Santa

Dear Isadora,

Today we went shopping at the Crabtree Valley Mall.  Although we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, the mall was already decorated for Christmas -- garland, Christmas lights, and ornaments were hanging from every crook and cranny.  As we approached the center of the mall, mommy noticed that Santa was there, waiting for children to visit him and tell him what they wanted for Christmas... but there were no children in sight.  Usually, the line to see Santa is very long, but not today.  He looked sad, so mommy decided to introduce you so that you could put a smile on his face.

Izzy's First Picture with Santa!

Izzy and Santa, 2011

Mommy was a little nervous, but you did great!  You had the biggest smile on your face.  Because of that, mommy decided to capture the moment for posterity and order some prints of you with Santa.  Santa said that you were a very good baby.  When we got home from shopping, we showed your pictures to daddy.  He got a kick out of them and was impressed with your smile.

Who needs Christmas lights with a smile like yours?



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh the Things You Can Do!

Dear Isadora,

You are almost five months old now!  At the beginning of the month, you had your four month old immunizations.  With this second round of shots, mommy and daddy were better prepared than your last visit.  We gave you an infant's dose of grape-flavored tylenol before your appointment to help ease the pain from your shots.  And guess what?  It worked!  You were such a trooper.  You wailed for only a minute and had no tears!  (That's our girl!)

4 Month Immunization

At the appointment, the doctor did a quick physical, too.  He measured your head and asked if big heads ran in the family.  Unfortunately, for you, they do... on both sides.  Upon our confirmation, he said that explained it... The doctor informed us that you were in the 98th percentile for head size.  Wowza!  You also came in weighing 15.6 lbs.  And you measured 23 3/4 inches.

Mommy & Izzy

This month, you've been starting to engage in play.  One of things you've grown to love is your Jenny Jump Up.  You are able to sit up in it and touch your feet to the ground.  You still can't jump up and down in it yet, but you love to use one leg to spin around in circles.  I have to tuck in a blanket or a burp cloth when you're in it, usually, because you've also taken up drooling like a St. Bernard.  (When are those pesky teeth going to come in?)

Jenny Jump Up

This month, you've also been really into daddy.  He makes you giggle constantly!  And you always share with him the cutest laugh!  I can tell you're going to be such a daddy's girl.

Daddy & Izzy

Another new thing you've started this month is chewing on your thumb.  You went from eating your whole fist to just chewing on your thumb (or two fingers).  Progress!

Sucking Her Thumb

We've really enjoyed your four month mark.  It's been so great for us to really see your personality start to shine through.

Our Princess

You'll always be our little princess.


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