Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Baby Has a Face!

Dear Pickles,

On November 30th, I went in for my second ultrasound.  It was the second time mommy got to see you.  You grew so much in three weeks, kid!  Instead of a cute little pickle shape, you now have a face, a body, and arms and legs.  You're officially a little person!  When the sonographer brought you up on the television screen in the doctor's office, I could see you jumping around as she tried to find you.  Your heart beat sounded so strong, too.  You were just the most precious thing I had ever seen.  It was a very emotional moment for me (and it didn't help that the sonographer had Sara by Jefferson Starship playing in the background).  What can I say?  Your mom is a sucker for 80s music.

Pickles at 10 1/2 Weeks

Pickles at 10 1/2 weeks
Keep growing little Pickles.  Mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you.



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