Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Miss Active

Dear Pickles,

For the past month, you've been getting stronger.  Ever since my last doctor's appointment, I can feel you move and kick and punch.  In fact, when the nurse tried to listen to your heart beat, the sound of your own heart startled you, and she had to chase you around my tummy with her heart monitor.  It made mommy giggle how feisty her little girl is.

If I am in a trance at work in front of my computer, you remind me that you're there with a little kick to my tummy.  If I lean against the kitchen counter, you try and push me away.  If I roll over too much on one side of my body when I drift off to sleep, you wake me up to let me know that it's time to turn to my other side.  If the band on my maternity pants hits the wrong place, you aren't shy about letting mommy know!

Your daddy has only been able to feel you move a couple of times (and only for a brief second or two).  (I think he's a little jealous that I am able to feel you all the time... But just a little.)  He can't wait for you to get bigger so that he can really feel you move.

A Present for Pickles!

I can't believe how fast time is going by.  Now that I can feel you move around, this pregnancy is starting to feel real.  Before, I only had a tummy to show.  Now I have a tummy that moves on its own.  Soon you will be kicking on the outside of mommy's tummy, and we will get to shower you with kisses.

We are savoring each moment, my sweet little girl.  Continue to practice those kicks.



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  1. Isn't it the coolest thing?? Now I look at the babies and think, "WoW! Is this the same baby who made my tummy roll? Amazing."


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