Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Dear Isadora,

My, how time flies.  Last year, Halloween didn't mean much to you....

I Think I'm Gonna Sneak Me a Piece...

But this year, you were totally jazzed about Halloween.  This year, mommy made your costume.  I made you a sushi roll t-shirt for you using pieces of felt.  The finishing touch was mommy's ninja headband.  Tada!  Instant sushi chef.  (Mommy dressed up as a loose cannon detective.)  I posted pictures online of you in your costume, mostly to share with family and friends.  Your Aunt Kristie commented on one of your photos and said, "I am envisioning years of halloween costumes as a diana patten production!!"  (She's probably right.)

Sushi chef #halloween

She can make a mean California roll. #halloween

Let's do this! #halloween

Ready for trick-or-treaters

From what I could tell, you loved Halloween.  Every time trick-or-treaters rang our doorbell, you bolted toward the door to greet our visitors.  You were excited to see what costumes they were wearing and to see the crowd of strangely dressed children at the door.  Daddy held you up high so that you could get a good view of all the costumes.  You also cried every time trick-or-treaters got their candy and left -- you wanted them to stay a while.

So.... Izzy cries every time trick-or-treaters leave. Gonna be a loooong night.

You still don't get the concept of candy (which mommy is fine with).  You were, however, obsessed with playing with  the candy bowl, using the lollipops as drumsticks and the boxes of Nerds as rattles.

Candy passes inspection

All in all, I'd say it was a delightful Halloween.  I hope you don't mind -- mommy and daddy may keep your Halloween costumes on course with Japanese themes until you tell us to stop.  Next year, you may be a sumo wrestler... Just sayin'.



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