Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unexpected Midwife

Dear Pickles,

For the past couple of nights while daddy has been away, mommy has been hanging out with her good friends, Alf and Beth.  (When you come into the world, you'll know them as Uncle Alf and Auntie Beth.)  For both nights, we made plans to watch Red at the dollar theater, but fate would not have it be so.  On the first night, we ran out of time, and on the second night, the parking lot was beyond packed.

Instead, we have resorted to Plan B on both nights and watched a Red Box dvd rental.  Yesterday we watched Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps, and tonight we watched Cyrus.  While the three of us sat on the couch to watch the rented flicks, Alf and Beth's cat, Simone, chose to jump in my lap.  On both nights, she stood on my lap, facing me, and began massaging my stomach.  This made us giggle because we joked that Simone practiced midwifery on the side and was giving me prenatal shiatsu.  She even reached out her paw once and inappropriately touched my chest to which I responded, "She must be a lactation consultant, too."


Simone, the wonder cat

You're going to learn that we're a nutty bunch, Pickles.  Your life is going to filled with weird and entertaining observations from your mommy, your daddy, and our friends...  Hope you have a good sense of humor, my love.



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