Saturday, October 22, 2011

Look What You Can Do!

Dear Isadora,

You are almost four months old now.  Check out what you can do...

New Trick...

Reaching for your left sock...


Successfully removing and eating your left sock.

How nifty is that?!  You even like to keep both legs up in the air while holding onto your feet while babbling away to anyone who will listen.  (Mommy and daddy are very amused by this behavior.)

Momma learned another thing you can do, too...

Rash of Fury

Self-inflicted rash/hives from crying so hard when 
that darn bottle takes too long to get to your lips!

Not so nifty.  Although the rash/hive-looking splotches all over your face eventually fade before you finish your bottle, it freaks mommy out to see them in the first place.

Can't wait to see all the new tricks you have left up your sleeve, little one.




  1. My Lily breaks out like that when upset. So does my mother. I managed to miss that gene.

    It's a shame she has to eat her socks these days. Maybe get her a turkey leg from the State Fair?

  2. Be prepared for many more months of sock eating. Emily takes her off and chews them every chance she gets!

    It's much cuter seeing Izzy do it!


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