Sunday, October 2, 2011

Your Talents This Month

Dear Isadora,

You are now three months old.  Within the last couple of weeks, you've been honing some new talents.

The first talent is what mommy and daddy like to refer to as "finger toes."  At first glance, you look like you have normal baby toes.  But upon closer inspection, if someone tries to touch the ball of your foot... BAM!  Like a venus fly trap, your toes come down to grab an unsuspecting finger.  It's really quite amazing. 

Izzy's ToesFinger Toes

Your ability to grab things with your toes is almost monkey-like... And when I say monkey, I mean this kind of monkey:

She's Our Monchchichi!

The second talent you've been working on is hand munching.  About a week or so ago, you discovered you had hands.  At first, you were using them to grab toys or mommy's hair, and mommy and daddy were quite impressed.

I've Got Skillz

But somewhere along the way, you decided your hands were also delicious (in an almost gluttonous kind of way).

Yummy HandsSlobber CheeksTasting My HandEating My Fist

Along with your new love for the taste of your hands, mommy and daddy have noticed that no matter how many times you make yourself choke by trying to eat your hands, you keep trying to stick your entire fist  into your mouth.  Daddy even watched you gag and spit up all the while keeping your entire hand in your mouth.  It hasn't clicked for you yet that when you start to choke, you should probably remove your hand.  Mommy's going to keep an eye on this development to make sure you don't grow up to be that weird kid everybody talks about...

Ah, forget it.  If you're weird, you're weird.  We've all got our weird thing.  (Just ask mommy about her double-jointed fingers or ask daddy how he sleeps with his legs bent straight up.)  Love you my little monchchichi.



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