Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adventures in Teething and Eating

Dear Isadora,

You've been teething like crazy lately.  You gnaw on anything you can get your hands on -- mommy's shoulder, daddy's finger, blankets, sleeves, your toes, and all of your toys.  If its within hands reach of your face, you will chew it.

Eating Sophie the GiraffeMmmmm



Nothing is safe!

And with all this teething comes drool.  Lots and lots of drool.  Sometimes you go through three to four bibs a day because of the drool.  But it hasn't been for naught.  You now have two bottom teeth to show for it!

Failed Tooth Shot #1Failed Tooth Shot #2Failed Tooth Shot #3

Mommy's failed attempt to get a picture of your two bottom teeth

You've been using your new teeth for eating more, too.  You love rice cereal, especially when it's mixed with baby food.  Your favorites are prunes and peaches, but you make gagging noises when I feed you green beans.  (Maybe you'll grow to love them later.)  You are indifferent to carrots and butternut squash.  And for some reason, you like to slurp bananas from a spoon.

Eating Carrots #1

Eating Carrots #2

This new phase in your development has been fun for mommy and daddy.  Mommy can't wait to get a picture of you eating spaghetti and getting sauce and noodles all over the place, but I'll probably want to wait until you have more teeth for that one.  Until then, bon appetite, babe.




  1. I concur on the greens beans, carrots, and butternut squash, unless Ranch dressing is involved, and even then, it's still a dicey matter.

  2. Those prunes and peaches must be agreeing with her because she's getting more beautiful by the day.


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