Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your New Cousin - Piper Quinn!

Dear Isadora,

On Dec. 15th at 1:07 p.m., your newest cousin, Piper Quinn, was born!  Mommy got to be in the delivery when she was born and be a part of a very special miracle.  Piper was already a week late from her due date, so Aunt Barbara's doctor decided to induce her.  When Aunt Barbara told me, I made arrangements to be there for the birth.  (Being mothers is a special bond that your Aunt Barbara and I have, and we have been there for each other when our children were born.)

On the day of the induction, mommy got up very early to drive to the hospital in Morehead City for Piper's birth.  The nurse at the hospital began giving your Aunt Barbara pitocin to induce labor.  A few hours later, she was ready to deliver!  Mommy watched as your Uncle Chucky, the nurses, and the doctor helped your Aunt Barbara bring Piper into the world.  Once she started pushing, Piper was born in record time -- delivered in three minutes without the assistance of any drugs.  (Mommy is still in awe of Aunt Barbara for delivering without drugs.)

Mommy & Piper

Beautiful Piper

It was one of the most amazing things I had ever witnessed.  Holding your little cousin almost made me want to have another baby right there and then... Almost.

Me and Piper

When I returned home that night, I started reminiscing about your own birth.  Holding you close to me, I couldn't believe how much you've changed and how big you are getting.  Time sure does go by so fast.  I'll try to hold on to every moment and memory that I can.

Love you to pieces,


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