Monday, January 16, 2012

Eatin' and Sittin' and Sassin'... Oh My!

Dear Isadora,

You are growing up so fast!  You have moved on from eating rice cereal mixed with formula to eating stage 2 (sitting without support) baby foods.   These new foods have really allowed you to expand your pallet.  These foods tend to consist of a lot of combinations (e.g., apples and prunes, chicken and rice, mixed veggies), which sometimes grosses daddy out, but you seem to like them.  Mommy has even been giving you pieces of banana rolled in graham cracker dust during meals so that you can practice chewing.  You probably get about 50% of the banana in your mouth and 50% in your high chair seat.  Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Banana Time

You've now also progressed from rolling over and crawling backward to getting yourself to a sitting position from your stomach.  Sometimes you are successful...

Trying to Sit

Still Trying

Almost There

And sometimes you end up in the splits.  If you get stuck in the splits, you whine and wait for mommy or daddy to lift you up and situate you correctly on the floor.

Success!  Splits!

You've been in daycare for a while now as we wait for your babysitter to come back from vacation.  It has been a little bit of a transition for you, but I think you're really starting to enjoy your time in daycare.  Even though you are enjoying yourself, you still haven't been able to successfully take a long nap in daycare, so you usually pass out on daddy when you get home.  (Daddy secretly enjoys that time since you haven't slept on his chest since you were a tiny, tiny baby.)

Nap Time with Daddy

Nap Time with Daddy 2

Nap Time with Daddy 3

Mommy and daddy have also noticed lately that the older you get, the more quickly you get bored.  Mommy asked daddy to pick you up some more challenging toys to play with on his way home one day.  This is what he brought back for you...

New Ball Pit from Daddy

Ball Pit!

A ball pit!  And you LOVE it.

Fun Times

Finally, the newest thing you are doing now is what I like to call your sassy face.  Observe...

Sassy Face

It's a cute face to make for now... but not when you're older.




  1. If you take some toys out of play, and then later bring them back, she'll engage them as new each time. That can help with the boredom.

    The ball pit ROCKS! I want one for my apartment.

  2. The ball pit does rock. I tried to get in it... and Jason had to help me out of it. Not for mommies, I guess.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! what a doll...I'd like to pinch her little face it is just too cute!

  4. I love the sassy face. And, unfortunately, she will make this face at sixteen. :-)


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