Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things Are a Changin' 'Round Here...

Dear Isadora,

This week was your first week of daycare.  Your favorite sitter is on vacation for a while, so in the interim, we have been sending you to daycare.  On your first day, you cried a little when a stranger had to change your diaper, but you are starting to enjoy yourself a little more.  The daycare has a nifty feature of allowing me to watch you online via a webcam, and for the couple of times I've checked in you, you seem to be happy socializing with the other babies.  But by the look on your face in this picture right before dropping you off, I think you still might prefer the individual attention you get from your sitter.  Maybe when you get older (maybe when you're two or three years old), we'll start sending you to daycare full-time.  But in the mean time, there's no rush for us to change anything for you.

Cold Day in NC

This week, mommy and daddy had to use the real tub to give you a bath instead of your baby tub.  You're just getting too darn big for the baby tub.  Mommy and daddy ordered you a tub seat, but it has not arrived yet, so daddy decided to throw on his swim trunks and join you for a bath to keep you safe.  It was hilarious for mommy to see daddy in the tub with you, but I think you enjoyed having the company.

Bath Time with Daddy

Bath Time with Daddy 2

Bath Time with Daddy 3

Bath Time with Daddy 4

Oh, Izzy.  You are just growing up so fast.  You are starting to eat more foods and have started to become a little scuttle butt, scooting your way across the floor... and eventually backing yourself into furniture and walls.  This week was the first time where mommy felt like time was just passing by too fast.  Every night when I come home from work, I give you lots of hugs and kisses and sigh at how much you are changing.  It makes me proud and sad at the same time.

I love you, my growing girl.



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  1. Hilarity would ensue if izzy poops while Jason's in the tub :)


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