Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the Move and Standing!

Dear Isadora,

Ever since you started crawling, you've been zig zagging every where you go.  Once mommy or daddy set you on the ground, you take off.  You especially love to squeeze yourself into the tiniest of corners and spaces (but you usually need mommy or daddy's help to get out of them).  I think you've just about explored every part of the living room.  But now you've added another accomplishment to your list -- standing!

Today, mommy and daddy caught you over by the magazine basket, admiring Tim Tebow, when suddenly...

Admiring Tebow

You stood up!

Standing on Her Own!

We were so excited to see you pull yourself up and stand on your own two feet!  It's going by so fast!  Once you get this standing thing down, you'll be walking, and then... you'll be playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii with mommy and daddy, but I digress...

That's Our Girl!

Congratulations, sweetheart!  We're so proud of you.




  1. There's definitely a dominate the world look going on that face.

  2. She already dominates the living room. I'm sure the world is next on her list. Beware!


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