Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Things We've Learned about You

Dear Izzy,

You are now eight months old.  At eight months, we're starting to see your little personality really take shape.  Here are some things we've observed about you:

1.  You'd rather be standing.

Peas are her favorite.
2.  Peas are your favorite vegetable.  Peaches are your favorite fruit.  (Daddy likes this photo of you.  He calls it your Godfather face.)

Using my sippy cup myself (thanks Jake & Jeanine)
3.  You CAN hold the sippy cup by yourself.... You just CHOOSE not to sometimes.

Bedtime story
4.  You like it better if daddy reads to you (rather than mommy) right before bed.

Box head
5.  You have a great sense of humor -- and it seems to be accompanied by the best laugh, too.

Nobody puts baby in the corner... Except baby herself.
6.  For a while, you had a special corner for "taking care of business."  So funny 'cause it's true...

Feeding myself wheat toast with butter. I'm kind of a big deal.
7.  You are addicted to wheat toast... but only if it has Country Crock butter on it.

This is what destruction looks like when it's pink.
8.  You know how to get to your toys... you don't know how to put them all back where they came from.

Izzy post graham cracker freak out.
9.  If you could, I bet you would cut anyone who tried to take a graham cracker away from you.

Jail bird
10.  You are a social person and don't like to be alone.  Even a baby gate can't keep you away...

Making leopard print work at 7:30 
11.  You're a fashionista.  (Even mommy wishes she had your wardrobe!)

Izzy Patten -- Making Mondays bearable 
since 2011.
12.  You make Mondays bearable.

I'm certain this list is going to grow and grow.  But for now, these are the things I wanted to capture about my eight-month-old sweetie.



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