Sunday, April 8, 2012

Your First Easter

Dear Isadora,

For your first Easter, we had two very busy weekends.

The weekend before Easter, we traveled to Emerald Isle to visit your Auntie Barbara, your Uncle Chucky, your Cousin Lennox, and your Cousin Piper.  Every year, they hold an Easter egg hunt at their house, and we got invited to join in on the festivities.

Izzy and Daddy

Mommy and Izzy

You got to dress up in a cute Easter dress and watch all the big kids hunt for eggs.  There were eggs galore! (Maybe next year you'll have that walking thing down and will be able to join them!)  You had a great time playing with your Cousin Lennox, you mostly snatched toys away from your Cousin Piper, and you followed Auntie Barbara around like a cute little puppy.  (You love some Auntie Barbara!)

Easter Eggs at Auntie Barbara's

Easter Egg Hunt!

The weekend of Easter, we traveled up to Pennsylvania to visit your Auntie Kristie, your Cousin Thomas, and your Cousin James.  They agreed to babysit you for one night so that mommy and daddy could cross the last thing off their married to do list (a trip to New York City!).  I don't think you really liked being in your car seat for 7+ hours (we took breaks!), but who could blame you?  When mommy sensed you getting antsy, I handed you the remote to the portable DVD player.  It seemed to appease you... for a little bit any way.

Izzy no likey road trips.But Izzy does likey remotes...Happiest playing with a baby wipe than a toy... Weirdo.

On the day that mommy and daddy left for New York, you did great and really enjoyed spending time with your aunt and cousins (I don't even think you noticed that mommy and daddy were gone at all).  They reported that you slept in past 7 o'clock and took two 2-hour naps (unheard of in our house).  Although mommy and daddy had a great time in the Big Apple, we really missed you and couldn't wait to see your smiling face again after our trip.

Toys from my Aunt Kristie & Cousins Thomas & James... Yay!

Dinner time

After a long journey back home, you were happy to be back in your own space.  After several hours on the road, mommy and daddy decided to make actual Easter day a lazy Sunday with our Izzy.  It was perfect.  A day full of snacking and napping.

Maybe next year we'll give you a traditional Easter holiday. What do you say, kid?



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