Saturday, March 10, 2012

Passing Down Family Heirlooms

Dear Isadora,

You are eight months old and getting into everything.  One of your daily rituals is going to your pink bins of toys and systematically pulling each and every bin out to play with every toy you own.  (You have yet to learn how to put all these toys back.)

Pink Tornado

Your favorite toys to play with are a collection of old McDonald's Happy Meal toys mommy collected as a child.

Regular McDonald's meal?

But there's a story behind these toys, Isadora.  These aren't just oridinary fast food toys for mommy.  Oh no.  These toys are special - just like you.

Nope. Try transforming dinos.

These toys represent for me the day I met mommy again - your Mimi.  When mommy was a little girl, about five years old, my parents got divorced.  I had to live with my father, and  I didn't get to see my mommy again for a long, long time - almost seven years.  But one day, she found me, Auntie Barbara, and Uncle Grant.  When we met her, we had dinner at McDonald's.  Every weekend after that moment, we would meet, go to McDonald's, and we'd spend the weekend with Mimi.  Eventually, my father gave Mimi custody of us kids, and my life changed forever - for the better.

Playing with Mommy's Old Toys

Playing with Mommy's Old Toys

Playing with Mommy's Old Toys

When I see you play with these keepsakes, it makes me remember the moment I first met my mommy again.  And I understand why she tried so hard to find us again after all those years.  Good mommies love their babies, Izzy.  And I love you very, very much.



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