Monday, May 2, 2011

Japanese Baby Shower from Your Mimi

Dear Pickles,

This past weekend, your father and I traveled down to Swansboro to see your Mimi and Pop Pop.  Who are Mimi and Pop Pop?  They're your mommy's mommy and daddy (your grandma and grandpa).  Lennox, your cousin, is the first grandchild on mommy's side of the family, so she got to choose what to call them.  I think you'll really love your Mimi and Pop Pop when you meet them.  I know they love you so much already.

Me and Mom
Mimi and Mommy

Dad and Lennox (and Jason)
Pop Pop and Lennox (and Daddy)

The main reason we went to Swansboro to visit your Mimi and Pop Pop was because your Mimi organized a baby shower for you and invited all of her Japanese friends from church to come.  Many of them could not make it to your first shower but still wanted to do something special for you.

Hapy Baby Shower

All of the women chipped in and made so much wonderful Japanese food for the party.  It was all so delicious!  This is the kind of food mommy grew up eating.  (I hope you like Japanese food -- it's a huge part of your heritage.)

Japanese Baby ShowerLennox Cheesin'

There were also lots of desserts to enjoy, including a lemon cake with lemon filling that said "Baby Girls are a Blessing."  Your Aunt Barbara got that cake for you.  She has a little girl, too, so she knows how precious you will be.

Shower Cake

Lennox and Barbara
Lennox and Aunt Barbara

For the baby shower, your Mimi organized a quiz game where she offered new boxes of tissues as prizes to the guests who could correctly answer questions about mommy and daddy.  She also had guests draw pictures of what they thought you were going to look like, and mommy and daddy got to pick the winner.  It was a hoot!

Baby Drawing ContestBaby Drawing ContestBaby Drawing Contest

Baby Drawing Contest
The Winner!

For entertainment, the Japanese pastor and his wife sang a beautiful song for you in English, and the all of the other women there sang two Japanese songs for you, too.  It was so pretty to hear their voices harmonizing in Japanese.

Live Music

After the entertainment, we got to open presents for you.  Lennox helped mommy open all the gifts.  She was such a good helper.  (One day, you can be my little helper, too.)

Opening PresentsThe Little Model

It truly was a sweet little shower.

Me and Jason

Mommy and daddy are blessed to have so many people care for you already.  We can hardly believe that you'll be here with us in approximately seven weeks!  See you soon, sweet baby girl.




  1. Seven weeks??? WOW!

    Are you nesting yet?

  2. Sort of... The nursery is almost complete. I think we have everything we need now. Now, it's just a matter of finding a place for everything.

  3. Hi, cool blog, I go back, have a nice week!


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