Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Dear Isadora,

Lately, you've been daddy's girl.  I can already tell that there is a special bond growing between the two of you.  On Thursdays, daddy has the day off and watches you while mommy works.  On those days, I come home to find you both happily hanging out together.  I watch the way you look at daddy and follow him with your eyes and squeal in delight.  It's so sweet.  And now that it's football season, sometimes I come home to find the two of you watching football as well.  Daddy is already raising you to be a little Wolverines fan.

Go Blue!

When daddy told me that you liked watching football, I was skeptical.  But when a game has been on TV,  I have noticed how intently you like to watch the games.  In fact, you start to kick and whine when a commercial comes on, and you stop when the game comes back on.

Daddy and IzzyBy George...

Mommy wasn't raised to like or even follow sports, so to see this early joy you have in sports is fascinating.  Maybe one day you can teach me how to appreciate them more.




  1. I love her expressions (so much more than I love sports)!!

  2. Me, too. I can't tell you how much I cracked up with that last photo. She's a nut.


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