Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two Month Old Immunizations

Dear Isadora,

Last Thursday, mommy and daddy took you to get your two month old immunizations.  We had been dreading this appointment for a while.  If you're anything like mommy, I hate needles!  During the whole appointment when the nurse and the doctor were performing their checks of your weight, height, head size, and motor skills, I kept thinking, "Oh, my poor baby... She doesn't know what's coming..."

Trip to the Pediatrician

An unsuspecting Izzy at the pediatrician's office

The doctor was happy with your development.  Here were your stats:

  • Weight: 12 lbs. 5 oz. (75%-90%)
  • Length: 22.25" (50%)
  • Head Circumference: 40 (90%-95%)
After speaking with your doctor, the nurse came back in to the room to administer your immunizations.  She gave you an oral vaccination first which you seemed to enjoy.  Then, she asked that I hold your arms down so that she could administer the shots.  I held your arms as you laid on the patient table, smiling up at me.

"Just remember that mommy loves you," I said.

Shot one.  You furrowed your brows.
Shot two.  You started squirming around vigorously.
Shot three.  Your face turned red, you wailed, and tears streamed out of your eyes.

I scooped you up and held you in my arms and nursed you for a bit to help ease your pain.  (My poor baby.)  Soon, you returned to your normal self.  The nurse gave you some bright cheery Band-aids which helped mommy and daddy remember what areas of your legs not to touch for a while.

All Done


You survived!

Mommy had to go to work that day, but daddy stayed home and took care of you.  Your legs were pretty sore that day which made you very grumpy and unhappy.  That's the day daddy learned that grape flavored children's Tylenol for infants is your friend.

We have to take you back in two more months to get more shots... We haven't broken the news to you yet.  Until then, we'll just live in denial.



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