Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week of Firsts

Dear Isadora,

Your first week of child care went great!  I think you really enjoy it.  Even after I dropped you off the first day, mommy didn't cry because I knew you would be safe and loved.  Lilis, your babysitter, is a mom herself and knows all the in's and out's of taking care of you.  Her daughters, Julia and Jessica, also like to help take care of you, too.  It's almost like you have older sisters to play with which makes mommy happy.  And though mommy and daddy miss you during the day, we know you are being well cared for.

Star of Mommy's Blog

It was also mommy's first week back at work.  I had to get used to getting up early and staying awake again (no more falling back to sleep after an early morning feeding).  I was tired, but it was nice to see all my coworkers and friends again.  On my first day back, Aunty Angela sent mommy a beautiful bouquet to commemorate the day.  It certainly helped to make the rest of the week go by a lot easier.

Welcome Back

On Saturday, you went through your first hurricane -- Hurricane Irene.  Since your Aunty Barbara and Cousin Lennox live at the beach, they decided to come to Raleigh to stay with us during the storm.  I was glad that they came to visit and that we were able to keep them safe.  Lennox really liked spending time with you.  She stroked your head, gave you lots of kisses, and pushed you in your baby swing.  (She is going to be such a good big sister!)  Your Aunty Barbara gave you a bath, helped pick out your clothes, and gave you lots of cuddles and kisses, too.

Since the hurricane wasn't that bad on Saturday, Aunty Barbara took Lennox to Monkey Joe's to jump and play.  Mommy was out helping with a friend's surprise birthday party for most of the day, so you were left home alone with daddy.  Daddy had you all to himself.  Normally, that is good thing and he enjoys that special time with you, but, with everybody gone, that was the first time you decided to poop on daddy.  You didn't do it on purpose, but it really traumatized daddy.  He was holding you in his lap when he noticed a wet feeling.  He lifted you up only to discover that poop was oozing out of your diaper!  It had soaked your onesie and daddy's legs.  As he tried to clean you up, the poop just kept coming out of your diaper.  Poor daddy.  He was able to clean you both up, but daddy just wasn't himself after that. Mommy cut him some slack when she came home that night.

For dinner that night, we decided to go to Seoul Garden to have Korean food.  Your Aunty Barbara and Cousin Lennox never had Korean food before.  It was their first time.  I was worried that Lennox would not like it, but when the bulgogi, Korean pancake, and jap chae came to the table, she ate it all.  She even used chopsticks to eat her food.  I can't wait for you to start trying new flavors and eating with chopsticks, too.

Dinner at Seoul Garden

Daddy and Izzy

She's a Natural

So many firsts and you are only two months old! I look forward to many more firsts with my first baby girl.  Mommy loves you!




  1. Okay, I have to have that bib (well, two of them)!

    Where did you find it??

  2. I got the bib as a baby shower gift. I'm pretty sure it's from Target.

  3. Yup, from Target's Circo brand.


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