Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Things, Shiny Things

Dear Isadora,

This month, you started eating rice cereal for the first time.  Mommy and daddy weren't sure when you'd be ready, but we noticed that, lately, you seem to be really interested in what mommy and daddy are eating.  Anytime we eat something, you stare at us intently, studying our food and our mouths.  On top of that, you  started cutting your first tooth!  (It's on the bottom, right in the front.)  Both of these things convinced us that it was time to start you on the path to eating.  Grandma was still here visiting and got to see you enjoy your first bites of rice cereal.  Each time I brought the spoon to your mouth, you held your hands up to grab the spoon closer to you.  Mommy couldn't scoop it into your mouth fast enough.  You still need a lot of practice, but for your first time, you didn't do too shabby.

Eating Rice CerealEating Rice CerealEating Rice Cereal

This week, we also discovered a new interest of yours... shiny wrapping paper.  Daddy opened up some birthday presents this week from grandma, and you went ballistic!  The sights and sounds of the wrapping paper made you just giddy.  Daddy described it best: you had madness in your eyes.  As daddy ripped through the wrapping paper, the sound of tearing paper sent you over the edge.  You started flailing your arms in excitement.  Noticing your excitement, daddy gave you some of the paper to play with.  You became even more animated -- kicking your legs and ripping the paper feverishly apart.  It was a sight to see.

Wrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper CrazyWrapping Paper Crazy

Looks like mommy and daddy know what to tell Santa to get you for Christmas.... Shiny paper!




  1. Yahoo! This kid is gonna be cheap! Going to enjoy it while it lasts.


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