Sunday, June 12, 2011

Any Day Now

Dear Pickles,

This weekend, your daddy and I spent the weekend finishing your nursery.  We've been preparing it all along the way, but we were determined to have everything completely finished this weekend before your scheduled arrival date.  It really was a joint effort to get everything ready for you... I hope you like it.

Welcome to Izzy's Room

This is the entrance to your room.  (We've already been calling you Izzy for the past month or so.)  Mommy and daddy's friend hand painted these letters just for you.

Crib, Mural, and Rocking Chair

When you open the door, you can see your crib, a rocking chair, and a shelf holding all of your adorable clothes, books, and toys.

Diaper Changing Station

In front of the crib, there is the diaper changing station.  Daddy also put up some little shelves to hold little treasures for you.

Tree Mural

Behind the rocking chair is a tree mural I painted for you.  This tree is going to be your family tree.  On it, we plan to hang pictures of family on the branches so that you come to know the faces of all those who love you.  The tree is also the perfect place to be held by mommy and daddy as we read you bed time stories.

Your room is located just across the way from our bedroom.  It's our favorite room in the whole house now.  Daddy likes to spend time in your room looking around and rocking in the rocking chair.  (I have to admit, I do, too.)

Now, all we need is you.  Can't wait to meet you, sweet little girl.




  1. I'm loving this!

    Now, consider painting something on the bottom of the shelves over the changing table to give her a different view as she lays on the table.

  2. It's already in the works... Painting some canvases now...


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