Monday, June 6, 2011

My New View of the World

Dear Pickles,

I'm officially 37 weeks pregnant.  Only three more weeks until you make your debut (we think).  Up until this point, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy (knock on wood).  I can't really complain.  Overall, I have really loved being pregnant with you.  It hasn't been until recently that I have begun feeling the discomforts of pregnancy.  Nothing too bad -- just some constant soreness in my right shoulder blade that won't seem to go away. 

I had a check up last week and told the doctor about my shoulder pain with which he promptly suggested treatment with a prenatal massage (bless him).  Although it didn't make all my pain go away, it did help a little.  (I may have to go back again soon...Until then, daddy will have to fill in.)

It's also starting to get hotter outside.  With summer just around the bend, it's getting harder to stay cool, especially at night when I am sleeping.  I sleep with the fan blasting right on me (something I used to hate) and with only a corner of the sheet covering me.

Most of all, you're starting to get bigger.  Although I'm not as big as I could be, it's been interesting carrying you around.  When I sit down, I can feel you on my lap.  When I lay down, I can feel you sink from side to side as I try to get comfortable.  When I walk, I have to lean back to compensate for the pull up front.

Basically, my view of the world has changed:

My New View of the World...

I know that this view won't last for forever, which partly makes me sad and happy at the same time.  But I know that when you do arrive, I'll have yet another way to view the world -- as your mommy.

Can't wait to see you soon!




  1. How exciting! She will be here soon! :-)

  2. 3 more weeks! WOW! Aweseome, I cannot wait to see her pictures and her new name! So glad you've had such a wonderful pregnancy :)

  3. I am impressed you are still trying to put your own socks on. WoW!


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