Monday, June 20, 2011

A Happy Father's Day

Dear Pickles,

Much to your daddy's disappointment, you did not arrive on Father's Day, but you did have a chance to surprise him with some sweet Father's Day goodies.

Father's Day Presents

Although half of the gifts were technically for you, daddy still got really psyched about them.  He can't wait to dress you in these Michigan onesies and read the The Daddy Book to you when you get here.

Go Blue!

Go Blue!

Daddy is so excited to hold you in his arms and give you lots of hugs and kisses.  Father's Day really gave daddy a chance to reflect on becoming a father, and, in the process, he remembered his own father.  Here's what daddy wrote about your grandpa, Larry Dale, and shared with the family on Facebook:

Five months ago my father died. This will be my first Father’s Day where I can’t call him to tell him how much I love him and I’m glad that he was my father. We normally had very short conversations on Father’s Day, mostly because we both wanted to get back to watching the U.S. Open. This will also be my first Father’s Day (sort of). My daughter is set to be born next Friday.  I can’t tell you how much I hope she decides to come a couple days early and show up on Father’s Day. I also can’t begin to tell you how unlikely this is, since she is my daughter, she most likely has the "wait till the last minute before you have to do anything" gene. Thinking of my dad at this time makes me realize how much the things that he probably never thought of mattering, mattered most to me. And I guess at the core of what I have learned from him is that to be a good father, just be a good person. Everything else will fall into place. That being said, here are some other things I have learned from him.
  1. A pat on the back can mean the world to your child.
  2. Sometimes an arm around your child’s shoulder is even better.
  3. Leaning back with your legs crossed is by far the most comfortable way to sit in a chair in public.
  4. You can never have enough toilet paper in the house.
  5. Liquid detergent does not go in the dishwasher.
  6.  You can never have enough paper towels.
  7. Even though you are 20 years older than the other fathers, overweight, and have bad knees, make sure you play in your child’s middle school father-son game.
  8. Hit a pull up three-pointer in that game right after your son makes a jump shot, just to make sure he still knows who the boss is. He will never forget it.
  9. Eventually admit to yourself that the comb over isn’t fooling anyone.
  10. Show your kids how much you love your wife every day.
  11.  It’s more efficient to hold the bag open yourself when bagging leaves and pine straw, than having your two sons do it. Because, you're right, they aren’t paying attention.
  12. Always sound excited that they called you.
  13. Show your faith to your children, even though it forces them to sit in the front row of church every Sunday.
  14. Your lap, legs, and chest are perfect substitutes for a plate when sitting on the couch.
  15. Saturday afternoon sandwiches are just a great tradition.
I could keep going for ever with this list, but let’s be honest, I’ve got to get back to the U.S. Open. My Dad and I always ended our father’s day phone calls the same way every year.

Me: "Thanks for being such a great dad."
Dad: "It was easy  with such a great son like you."
Me: "I couldn’t have done it without you."
Dad: "Well, your mother had something to do with it."
Me: "Yeah, but it isn’t Mother’s Day."
Dad: "I guess you’re right. Love you bud."
Me: "I love you, too, Dad."

Thank you Dad.

Jason and His Dad, Larry Dale

Daddy and your Grandpa, Larry Dale

I wonder what memories you'll make with your daddy.  (He really is the bee's knees.)  I can't wait for you two to meet!




  1. Aww... that made me cry a little. You two are going to be great parents.


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