Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Your Due Date...

Dear Pickles,

Today is your estimated due date... I don't know if you got that memo or not.  Just in case, a friend of mine decided to make a sign for you:

Eviction Notice for Pickles

The more time that passes by, the more people have offered their advice on how to coax you out of my belly:
  1. Eat spicy food.
  2. Eat pineapple.
  3. Drive over railroad tracks.
  4. Flip my mattress.
  5. Do the dirty. (I'll explain that one when you're older.)
  6. Use a breast pump.
  7. Drink Castor oil.
  8. Take primrose oil supplements.
  9. Go for a loooooooong walk.
  10. Try acupuncture or acupressure.
  11. Get a pregnancy massage.
  12. Sit on the floor with my legs in a V-shape and have your daddy massage my scalp.
Some of these things, mommy and daddy have tried; some of these, we have not.  But in all seriousness, your daddy and I know that sometimes the best things in life just simply take time.  So, take all the time you need, little one, until you're ready to come out... But know that we are SO EXCITED to meet you.



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