Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Last Day

Dear Isadora,

Today is the last day of mommy's maternity leave.  Tomorrow, I have to go back to work.  And though I've missed some of my coworkers and friends while I've been gone, I will miss you even more.

I will miss your sweet ears.

Izzy's Ear

I will miss your sweet nose and lips.

Izzy's Nose and Lips

I will miss your tiny toes.

Izzy's Toes

I will miss your sweet hands and chubby legs.

Izzy's Hand and Thigh

I will miss our time together -- just you and me.

Izzy Pop

Starting tomorrow, you will be going to a trusted caregiver while mommy goes back to work.  I know you'll be in very capable, loving hands while mommy is gone.  That gives me comfort.  But I guess my fear is that I will miss something.  Every day, it seems, you learn something new (and I learn something new about you).  I know I can't be there with you every moment of every day, but I will always be there for you.  That's what mommies are for.

This week will probably be harder on me than it will be on you.  But I know it will get easier.

You're the best thing I've ever done, Isadora Yume.  I love you.



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