Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Little Portrait Model

Dear Isadora,

Yesterday, mommy and daddy took you to Portrait Innovations to get some professional portraits made of you. You were already six weeks old (eeeek!), and mommy wanted to capture you as an infant before you grew any more!  To prepare for your photo shoot, mommy packed four outfits for you to wear.  Mommy probably would have packed more, but daddy kept her realistic about it.  Seeing mommy's excitement, daddy tried to remind mommy that you were a baby, after all, and that we'd be lucky to get one good shot of you in a good mood.

We arrived on time for your 1:30 appointment, but all the appointments were behind so we had to wait.  Once we started your photo shoot, we were creeping into your afternoon feeding and sleeping time, so we had to work fast.  After about the second outfit change, you started to lose it.  Who would blame you?  Just when you were comfortable in one outfit, mean old mommy would scoop you up and put you in another.  Luckily, we had your favorite pacifier with us to help calm you down between takes.

After the last shot was made, we fed you, and you happily fell asleep in mommy's arms.  Here are some of our favorite shots from the day.

Professional PortraitProfessional PortraitProfessional Portrait

Jean skirt outfit (daddy picked this out for you)

Professional PortraitProfessional PortraitProfessional Portrait

Daddy's Princess outfit (mommy picked this out for you)

Professional PortraitProfessional PortraitProfessional Portrait

Love Bug outfit from your Grandma Joyce Irene

Professional PortraitProfessional Portrait

Flower Dress from your Obaachan Suemi

Once we got home that night, mommy and daddy poured over all of your photos and began dividing them up for family and friends.  We were so excited to share them with everyone.  Mommy may have gone a tiny bit bonkers on the package she ordered because we ended up with plenty of extra photos.  But I told daddy that they wouldn't go to waste.  You would probably need some them one day for something...  I wonder which one you'll choose to submit for your senior yearbook or for your wedding slideshow?  Only time will tell.

Love you bunches,



  1. Love them all!

    PS-Get ready to always go overboard with picture packages. Marty is almost as bad as I am. *almost*

  2. The pink outfit is even better when the "shoes" make it in the frame. And, I don't think you can go overboard with picture packages...everyone will want copies of beautiful Izzy!


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