Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh the Things You Can Do!

Dear Isadora,

You are almost five months old now!  At the beginning of the month, you had your four month old immunizations.  With this second round of shots, mommy and daddy were better prepared than your last visit.  We gave you an infant's dose of grape-flavored tylenol before your appointment to help ease the pain from your shots.  And guess what?  It worked!  You were such a trooper.  You wailed for only a minute and had no tears!  (That's our girl!)

4 Month Immunization

At the appointment, the doctor did a quick physical, too.  He measured your head and asked if big heads ran in the family.  Unfortunately, for you, they do... on both sides.  Upon our confirmation, he said that explained it... The doctor informed us that you were in the 98th percentile for head size.  Wowza!  You also came in weighing 15.6 lbs.  And you measured 23 3/4 inches.

Mommy & Izzy

This month, you've been starting to engage in play.  One of things you've grown to love is your Jenny Jump Up.  You are able to sit up in it and touch your feet to the ground.  You still can't jump up and down in it yet, but you love to use one leg to spin around in circles.  I have to tuck in a blanket or a burp cloth when you're in it, usually, because you've also taken up drooling like a St. Bernard.  (When are those pesky teeth going to come in?)

Jenny Jump Up

This month, you've also been really into daddy.  He makes you giggle constantly!  And you always share with him the cutest laugh!  I can tell you're going to be such a daddy's girl.

Daddy & Izzy

Another new thing you've started this month is chewing on your thumb.  You went from eating your whole fist to just chewing on your thumb (or two fingers).  Progress!

Sucking Her Thumb

We've really enjoyed your four month mark.  It's been so great for us to really see your personality start to shine through.

Our Princess

You'll always be our little princess.



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