Monday, November 21, 2011

Your First Picture with Santa

Dear Isadora,

Today we went shopping at the Crabtree Valley Mall.  Although we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, the mall was already decorated for Christmas -- garland, Christmas lights, and ornaments were hanging from every crook and cranny.  As we approached the center of the mall, mommy noticed that Santa was there, waiting for children to visit him and tell him what they wanted for Christmas... but there were no children in sight.  Usually, the line to see Santa is very long, but not today.  He looked sad, so mommy decided to introduce you so that you could put a smile on his face.

Izzy's First Picture with Santa!

Izzy and Santa, 2011

Mommy was a little nervous, but you did great!  You had the biggest smile on your face.  Because of that, mommy decided to capture the moment for posterity and order some prints of you with Santa.  Santa said that you were a very good baby.  When we got home from shopping, we showed your pictures to daddy.  He got a kick out of them and was impressed with your smile.

Who needs Christmas lights with a smile like yours?



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