Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your First Thanksgiving

Dear Isadora,

For your first Thanksgiving, your grandma, Joyce Irene, came down to visit for the holiday.  She hasn't seen you since your first month of life.  (You've changed so much since then!)  We were so excited for her to see all the things you can do now.

Grandma and IsadoraJazzy Joyce and Izzy Bobizzy

Not only did grandma come to spend Thanksgiving with us, but your Aunt Jeanine, Uncle Terry, and Cousin Jake also came to feast with us on Thanksgiving Day.

Terry and JeanineJoyce and 

On Thanksgiving day, you didn't get to eat any food, but this was the meal that was prepared:

Our Thanksgiving Meal

As you can see, it was quite delicious.  Even though you aren't eating solid foods yet, you are starting to teethe like crazy.    Aunt Jeanine even offered you up a turkey leg as a teething ring...

TeethingGnawing on a Turkey Leg

Mommy and daddy have been hosting Thanksgiving ever since we got married.  It is one of our favorite holidays.  When you get older, I hope it becomes one of your favorite holidays, too.

We are so thankful to have you in our lives, Isadora.  You are more than we had ever hoped for.

Daddy and IzzyOur Family Totem Pole



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